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Tapered roller bearings BEARINGS

The tapered roller bearing is mainly used to carry the radially and axially combined load,mostly the radial load.The inner components and the out ring of the bearing are detachable,facilitating assembly and disassembly.The axial loading capacity of bearing depands on the contact angle,the larger which is,the larger the axial loading capacity will be.

Tapered roller bearing is the largest amount of single row circular cone roller bearings. In the car wheel hub, in recent years is also played by the small size of the double row circular cone roller bearings. Four row circular cone roller bearings used in large cold, hot rolling mill and other heavy machine.

Tapered roller bearing feature:

Tapered roller bearing can bear large radial load and axial load.Because of cone roller bearing can only transfer unilateral axial load, therefore, in order to transfer the opposite direction of the axial load will need another symmetric installed circular cone roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearing main application:

They are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastics machinery, etc.

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