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Thrust Ball bearings BEARINGS

Our thrust ball bearing can carry the unidirectional axial oad and not capable of carrying the radial load.The thrust ball bering must be pre-fastened axially in the work.

Thrust Ball Bearing feature:

1. With unidirectional and bidirectional two types

2. Use option in the ring, can permit of installation error.

3. High grade ball - high speed rotates the quiet and smooth

4. High Quality Steel - Ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%.

5. The height of the grease technology - NSK lubricant technology can make the grease live longer and improve the performance of the bearing

6. In order to permit of installation error, whether one-way or two-way, can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or take ball seat ring type.

Thrust ball  bearing main application:

Only applies to inherit a axial load, speed lower part, such as crane hook, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low speed reducer, etc. Bearing shaft ring, race and rolling body is separation, can put down respectively.

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